Sunday, July 24, 2016



Rich Puchalsky 07.24.16 at 6:39 pm

novakant: “So Rich, do you not have contempt for racism?”

Actually, your statement was “if they are racists I have contempt for them”, so you weren’t talking about contempt for racism as a kind of abstract principle, but why don”t you argue it out with faustusnotes? He can explain to you that trailer trash and white trash are not expressions of contempt, they are merely examples of the rhetorical style that he knows how to use with lower class people now that he’s moved up from that class himself. Then you can tell him that he *should* have contempt for his dad the racist who uses shocking expressions like “Polish scrotes”. Then you can both agree that being unable to find a job at 55 and having to defraud the state to get a place to live isn’t precarious at all, and there’s no reason that this guy shouldn’t be desperately holding onto a social place that requires that he find somebody to look down on.

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