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On Brexit

Catherine Taylor replied to this comment from Galdruxian | June 24, 2016 23:40 | Reply

Since I happen to understand the minds who think like this, I'll translate this from ideological nether-nether-land into something a little more mature / non-gibbering.

It boils down to two pictures:

Putin responds to FEMEN protester

Draghi cowers as woman launches vicious glitter attack

Draghi cowers as woman launches vicious glitter attack (close up: different angle)

[Astute readers will note the picture locations to give a slightly weightier clue at where they've been most used / have had the most impact]

Whilst the Putin picture got meme'd to death (It is too late Sergei, it was always too late), the Draghi one didn't.


If you've two choices, guess which one actually has something respectable in it? Hint: it's not the man scared of glitter. [Note: this isn't an endorsement, it's a translation from the "Alpha Male" Mindset].

(To translate for Greg: a retired gif is a meme that has been used so perfectly that it can never be used again - it's the Plato's Sun of Memes).


Same thing has happened in this debacle.

Things we've learned:

1) The remain campaign neither meme'd well nor sold a vision of utopia nor even said anything positive at all. It boiled down to suits stating that the economy would tank, which is the last thing (post-2008) you want to do if you want the poor to give a shit. Even Eddie Izzard etc missed the point of it - young people voted 3:1 to remain, yet didn't turn out.


No fire, no great memes.

Remember, this is the generation post the Fight Club soliloquy.

2) Remain tapped into old people. The post-war, post-responsibility generation. And they squawked - "FUCK YOU, GOT MINE, SWINEHUND GERMANS AT IT AGAIN" while the NHS gets burnt to the ground. [Yes: that was a Cameron joke].

3) Democracy is a sham both ways - the EU (post replacing many member states with ex-Goldman Sachs technocrati wunderboys) has done precisely fuck all to solve or address the inherent issues of inequality, youth unemployment, ecological meltdown or even 0% interest rates and QE Unicorn Cash [meta-meta: putting Legarde on trial just shows the petty shit post "stitched up with a maid" DSK rape thing. EU is burning, power players are playing power].

A photo OP of leaders parading down a closed street with an artificial crowd behind them or bravely stating that 2oC will not be breached while enacting nothing to stop it...

Does. Not. Count.

And from the bottom up?

Look at the people sailing the boat.

BJ (yes: that is why he should never be PM) while announcing his Pyrrhic victory looked like the skin over his eyes were enveloping them in a Lovecraftian curse of "The Land of the Blind is Lead by the Blind" this morning. Grove looked like his soul was crumbling as he did his speech.

The best part?

Mentioning the UK as the fifth largest economy in the world... as the markets stomped the pound and put France ahead.

Now that's schadenfreude.


Anyhow, Hetero has got the point, kinda.

But not really.

Historians will know that the UK had the first European civil war and general "kick the King in the bollocks" movement far before the rest got into the act.


This is all just a stress test.

You all got a F-.

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