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250 comment thread at balloon juice on the debate

Tissue Thin Pseudonym says:
March 6, 2016 at 9:49 pm

I got into it this evening with a Bernie supporter Facebook friend after she said:

IMO that’s exactly the problem – no coherent base. You just exemplified it by saying “the Dems need the blacks,” which is, well, kinda racist…. The way I see it, there are 3 main factions in the party right now. (1) CorpDem/Hollywood/GOP Lite – the Clintons, DWS, etc. (2) largely urban African Americans. (3) Liberal whites. And those 3 factions do not, at this time, have similar interests. (1) is all about money, privilege, the status quo. (2) is rightfully worried about urban issues, structural racism, for-profit incarceration, lousy schools, federal benefits. (3) worries about wealth inequality, jobs leaving the country, student debt, their kids not having the same chances they had, saving social security, maybe even universal health care. (1) is ready to pander to (2) to buy votes, but in the end won’t really do anything, and will sell out (3) in a minute to feather their own nests. To win, the party has traditionally needed (2) and (3), but at this rate, (1) is rapidly losing (3). No coherent socio economic base.

She really doesn’t see the problem with arguing that African Americans are just being duped into supporting Clinton.

From an objective view, the African American community as a whole, particularly the older ones, finds Clinton a more responsive and interactive person who can lay down specifics and will adjust her views. 30+ years of working closely with the black community, and being somewhat responsive to their concerns). Sanders is behaving like a lot of white politicians who show up in black communities looking for votes, and not following through…and he’s not aware he comes off that way.

Maybe there is something to that

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