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Chamomile wrote:
I am reasonably certain that historians will look back and say 2008 was the peak of the United States' power.

I'm virtually positive that historians will look back and say that US power peaked in 2003. That is when the President of the United States was able to get the Dominican Republic, Latvia, and the Federated States of Micronesia to invade Iraq, despite none of those countries sharing a continent or ocean with that country, having no causus belli, having no occupation plan, having no exit strategy, having no quantifiable goals, Iraq being no especial threat to anyone, it being clear that there would be heavy losses, and the United Nations officially condemning the invasion before it even happened. That is some massive brass balls of power.

Of course, that all failed horribly, the US was subsequently unable to even take care of its own hurricane, economic collapse, political paralysis, and all that shit. But in 2003, the President of the United States could have done absolutely anything no matter how stupid and gotten away with it. We know this because he literally did the most ridiculous that any empire has ever done. No other empire in human history could have pulled off something that stupid, and probably no country in the world (including the present day United States) could do it now.


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