Monday, April 22, 2013

Hugh says:
April 22, 2013 at 2:54 pm

All the major economic zones: the US, China, Europe, and Japan have been showing weakness for months to years.

Lambert wrote about narratives yesterday. In the world economy and national economies, we have one narrative of business as usual. We have hit a rough patch but are working, slowly, through it.

Against this, we have kleptocracy, wealth inequality, and class war. We have neoliberalism. We have the two economies, one real, one paper, Richard Kline points to above.

We always need to keep in mind and be able to differentiate between what we are told is going on and what is actually happening. It is all very schizophrenic.

Take the news –please. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. I no longer watch the news for the news. I watch it to see what the current propaganda lines are and try to work out where they are headed. The only news I get in the news comes after I unpack all the propaganda, see what’s left and apply my own analysis to it. And fairly often even when I do this, it is only later that I realize that there were one or two propaganda lines I missed.

I say all this because I realize how easy it is to get led off on tangents. The truth is we can not fix bits and pieces of the system until we are willing to fix the system as a whole. We can not fix pensions, long term unemployment, or anything else within the structure of the current kleptocratic economy. Just look at the history of the last few years. What has been fixed? Nothing, at least from the 99%’s point of view. And nothing will be fixed.

2008 established the pattern for anyone who was weak on the concept of kleptocracy. The rich and elites, our ruling classes in other words, looted the economy into a crash. Then they looted the crash. Now we see, even after all the bailouts going to the rich and corporations, further weakening in the economy. More recession, another crash somewhere in the offing, does anyone think that these won’t be looted too? And that the pattern will repeat itself until we stop it?

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