Friday, September 28, 2012

09.28.12 at 4:42 am

“There’s a hugely important vote coming up.” No there isn’t. The only genuine issue in this election is whether you want Paul Ryan’s insane extremist policies in 2013, or 12 years later enacted by a Democratic president. Either way, history shows that Democratic presidents have continually enacted increasingly insane fringe right-wing policies like “ending welfare as we know it” (AKA millions of starving children living in cars) and “declaring American citizens enemy combatants and murdering them without even charging them with a crime” (Anwar Al-Awlaki) and “torturing and brutalizing anyone who publicly dissents” (LRAD military sound cannons now used against political protesters to permanently destroy their hearing) and “privatizing financial losses on Wall Street while socializing all losses” (see aftermath of 2007-8 financial crisis in which the Wall Street financial crime lords continued to receive their massive annual bonuses, while the average taxpayer gets hammered in the form of skyrocketing bank fees

— meanwhile, not one of the financial criminals responsible for the 2007-8 global financial meltdown has gone to jail, but tens of thousands of Occupy protesters have gone to jail for protesting this injustice).

So the only real issue here is: do you want to end welfare and social security in 2013? Or in 2025? That’s our only choice. Because history proves that every single insane far-right proposal put forth by Republicans gets enacted by Democrats 12 years later. Do you want Romney/Ryan to go to war with Iran in 2013? Or would you rather a Democratic president went to war with Iran in 2025?

What the [expletive deleted] is the difference? We’re supposed to believe this is some huge issue? It’s like asking a girl whether she’d rather be raped right now, or a month from now. That’s not a choice. It’s life in hell.

” It’s important enough we can’t afford any abstentions, which it seems to me is the idea of not voting for Obama.”

No, this election isn’t important at all. It has no importance except insofar as it serves to ratify the insane far-right policies by getting Democrats to vote for a regime which will eventually enact those insane policies.

Face reality. No matter which party you vote for, you’re going to get limitless ever-accelerating growth in America’s military-prison-surveillance-torture complex. No matter which party you vote for, you’re going to get more American jobs offshored and a smaller U.S. middle class. No matter which party you vote for, you’re going to get more endless unwinnable foreign wars. No matter which party you vote for, you’re going to get more escalation in the endless unwinnable War on Drugs. No matter which party you vote for, you’re going to get more escalation in the endless unwinnable War on Copyright Infringement.

No matter which party you vote for, you’re going to get more erosion of the Bill of Rights, with more Americans dragged off the street and hurled into secret prisons forever without charges, more American murdered by the government without even being accused of a crime, more criminalization of political dissent, more brutal and repressive police savagery against anyone in the bottom 20% of the income distribution, more data being gathered from every American’s emails and phone calls and tweets and bank records and cellphone tracking and buying habits and facebook postings, and that data getting shared more widely with employers and cops and college admissions committees and every other unaccountable secretive quasitotalitarian hierarchy in our society.

So your vote won’t change anything. The only choice you have is whether you scream out in rage as you’re crucified.

Write in someone like Elizabeth Warren for president instead of the good cop Barack Obama (as opposed to the bad cop Mitt Romney). The good cop works for the same people as the bad cop. The good cop and the bad cop are just two halves of a team designed to crush you and turn your life into a living hell. Reject the good cop/bad cop “choice” and put your fist through the one-way mirror in the interrogation room and shout “I REFUSE TO CONFESS BECAUSE I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG!”

“Even in states that are a lock for electoral votes pushing up the popular vote helps marginalize the GOP.”

Get a clue. America is a country in which Ayn Rand’s paeans to sociopathic narcissism and homicidal greed have outsold the Bible. Nothing is going to marginalize the GOP.

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