Wednesday, June 06, 2012


you still have hope.  i do not. 

i had a chance to talk, live in person, to my Senator the other day. I learned that a Senator can fail to answer your question even when pressed, talk nonsense in front of an audience, and have no one.... not even me... able to bring the words into even approximate allignment with reality. 

What Bush II taught the powers who always used to worry at least a little about the people is that they don't have to worry.  The people will swallow any lie as long as they keep repeating it, no matter how dumb.  no matter how contradicted by actual events.. 

and, sad to say, even among my friends i notice an extreme wilingness to believe anything that supports your (their) own short term money interests, as long as it sounds like it agrees with the emotional commitments they have made as a result of reading their favorite fiction. 

things may change, but they won't change because anyone is thinking about them.
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