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Lian wrote:
I don't think the intent of the author was that these actions would be squicky and wierd but rather romantic. If I am I will just have to use a different example of the Hero vampire. Its not like a rare trope I just picked Twilight since I thought it was generally a well known example of such.

Author intent only matters when you can't pervert the story into something better by ignoring it. Also she herself seems to have a very traumatized point of view (Bella blacks out during sex and is horrifically injured by the act, and the child is a vile demonspawn that nearly kills her AND HAS TO BE CHEWED OUT).

Edward is a perfect example of a garden-variety abyssal using their depraved abusive social charms to entrance someone, all the while wanting really bad to kill her. Stephanie herself said that Twilight came to her in a dream, wherein there was a vampire and a girl in a clearing who wanted really bad to kill her.

All examples of "unambiguous hero vampires" I know of, exemplify "heroism" by killing tons of shit. The abyssal that kills tons of shit is not rebelling against his purpose, he's fulfilling it. The Neverborn don't object to you killing akuma and slavers; the book specifically states this. Most Exalted stories require large amounts of killing, and we all know the world of Exalted has massive amounts of foes that need to be killed. There is nothing wrong with this, and an abyssal in a slaughtertastic Exalted game can and should come off as a 100% normal member of the party, because they SHOULD fit right in with murder-happy, gore-drenched action heroes.

It is only in scenarios where "kill the badguys" isn't the alpha and omega of the quest that abyssals show their broken nature.

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