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Gnosticism Is A Hoot wrote:
General question for everyone in the thread (even Tzor) -

What is the deal with George Soros? Conservatives seem to hate him, but my US-Liberal acquaintances don't seem to care about him, and his Wiki page is vaguely positive. What's all the hubbub?

EDIT: To put it another way, his Wiki page lists some pretty impressive achievements, but nothing that I thought would scream OMG LIBERAL ANTICHRIST to the wingnut crowd. So why the screaming?

The reality that conservative "thought" in the modern world is financed by like half a dozen creepy rich dudes is something that periodically causes right wing foot soldiers to have little bits of cognitive dissonance. However, since these guys are masters of projection, they assume that since they pretty much get their marching orders from people paid to write them by Rupert Murdoch or the Koch Brothers that liberals, progressives, and communists must be doing the same with different shadowy billionaires.

So they are constantly looking for evidence that George Soros (or maybe George Clooney) is the creepy mastermind behind Liberal thought in the same way that David Koch basically is the Cato Institute and Americans for Prosperity and the fucking Tea Party. The idea that other political viewpoints are different from them and actually don't slavishly follow talking points generated by shadowy billionaires seems totally foreign to them.

The reason that the right can't shut up about George Soros is not that he has amazing pull in leftist intellectual circles or that leftist commentators get piles of money to reword his latest diatribes or to denounce plans that might cost him money. It's that they are deep down certain that every other field of political thought is just as morally bankrupt as their own. Since their political movement could be destroyed root and branch by assassinating like six dudes, they assume every other political movement works that way too. The idea that OWS is actually leaderless simply does not register with them at all.


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