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Gx1080 wrote:
On sex ed:

Of course that the Left wants to socially engineer a bunch of whores. Single moms poping bastard spawn are a prole factory, which can be counted into being bribed with welfare to vote for the Leftists and to kill/steal/rape everybody who isn't on a gated community, specially the middle class.

So fuck them with a rusty screwdriver, bunch of human scum.

Many of the things you say are stupid and ignorant. This one is just ignorant. After all, it seems intuitively likely that promiscuity leads to a high birth rate. It's actually not true though.

For example, I live most of the year in the Czech Republic, which was rated by Newsweek as the number one country in the world for sex. Yes, really.
The Czechs have sex as often as the French, start as early as the Dutch, and fear STDs as little as the Italians.
The Czechs are literally the sluttiest people on Earth. They did surveys. And that's why this bullshit country with as many people in it as Chicago is so well represented on Boobpedia. And you know what? The Czech Republic has less than one and a half births per woman. Simple replacement rate is two. The sluttiest people in the whole world have less babies than the bare minimum to keep the population from contracting without immigration.

And that's not just a one-time thing. When you go to the US data, people in The South have the least sex. By quite a bit. And want to see the teen birth rate? It's exactly the other way around. The place where people have sex the most and enjoy sex the most is coincidentally the ten states with the lowest rate of teen pregnancy. The place where people have the least sex and enjoy sex the least has seven of ten of the states with the highest teen pregnancy rate.

The Left doesn't want people to be sluts because it produces more people. Some of the people on the Left want people to be sluttier because it produces less people. And environmentalists want to share resources with less people in future generations. But mostly, we just want people to be sluts because sluts are awesome. What the fuck is wrong with you that you don't want women to put out?


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