Friday, March 10, 2006


Grand Moff Texan rocking out on Digby:


We seem to have been saddled with a uniquely inferior generation, people either too dumb to think for themselves, too cowardly to stand up for themselves, or so feral they only think of themselves.

Some of them wear ties and live in DC. This does not mean they have anything useful to say ... about anything.

Day in and day out I am shocked at what passes for analysis in this country. It is beneath the contempt of anyone who thinks for a living. These fools would need help crossing the street, yet there they are: running a country.


If you fell for the Bush administration line, you're over. Done. Through. The first reponse to anything you say should be "you were an idiot then and you're probably an idiot now, so shut your fucking hole." But trust this generation of useless people to insist that having been wrong is the standard for seriousness in policy debates. They stuck a bow-tie on failure and called it respectability. Excuse me while I set it on fire.

Their content is a waste of time and it only gets air time because it's useful to the failed "leaders" themselves as part of a rearguard action, covering their retreat.

Attack, attack, attack. The cowards show us their back. These are the times when hesitations turn into routs. Pile the bodies high and let the smoke be seen for miles. For ages they should find bones on this spot.
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I couldn't find an email address for you, so thought I would pass this along here.

DeLong deleted two of my posts at his web site. You responded, as did a few others, but those posts are now gone.

Not sure what the problem is this time. Apparently, he didn't like my short post about Krugman, and didn't like the one about Peter Morici.

Morici also served in the Clinton Administration. He was the chief economist for the International Trade Commission.

DeLong is hard to understand some times. Those two posts were harmless.

Movie Guy- Thanks I've noticed he sometimes does that. It's like when he gets iritated enough to delete a post he knocks out several others in the process. Or maybe its his way of keeping his comments section from getting too many regulars.
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