Saturday, November 12, 2005



I have a hard time thinking about this stuff I think so I may be wrong here, but I've been trying to imagine how this must look to the other 6 billion people on this planet who aren't americans. Basicaly we are saying to the rest of the world that we have the right to kidnap anyone, from anywhere in the world, hold them in secret for years without any legal recourse, without any of their family or loved ones knowing where they are, and have the CIA torture them, and if they die the CIA officer may be promoted while an internal investigation takes place, which as the record shows is unlikely to apply any punishment, but if it does find fault will not seriously punish anyone.

Tens of thousands of people go missing every year worldwide. Since many of the people we have held have had nothing to do with terrorism, that means that any time anyone in the world goes missing even if the family knows for sure that their loved one had nothing to do with terrorism, can't be sure that their father or mother or son or daughter or brother or sister or wife or husband isn't being tortured to death in some secret American prison somewhere.

Boy if we thought the rest of the world hated us before...

And we reelected this guy?

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Well said on torture.
Hey, Frank-

Just an aside:

"Defeating Republicans at AMOST all costs."

Did you mean "almost"?

Good essay.
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