Monday, September 26, 2005


Driftglass Rocks!

Here is an excerpt from a post that I think is particularly spot on in refuting a current Republican talking point:

Problem Two: Maybe it’s just me getting dotty, but the Dems I remember did not support this war. The Dems I remember were very clear about exactly what they were doing and why. They had no stomach for invading Iraq whatsoever. As loyal but unbelievable gullible and pussified politicians, the Dems I remember wanted to deal Bush every card he asked for when he went to negotiate regarding Iraq. Putting that arrow in Bush’s quiver was supposed to be a show of solidarity; that we were serious people and would tolerate no nonsense.

With the wounds of our nation still fresh, Bush came to us and said that to keep us from dying, he must have a latitude to act that included war, but he would act only if it turned out to be absolutely necessary.

The Dems I remember very reluctantly agreed to give him that range of motion, on the condition that he only act if there were no other alternative, that the threat was imminent, and that Bush had a comprehensive strategy for winning any war, securing any peace and getting the hell out of there as soon as humanly possible.

Not surprisingly, Republicans that talk about, “Well, Democrats supported the war too...” always want to skip over that part. The part where Bush swears on the lives of our children that he will behave in the most cautious, conscientious and gravely responsible manner possible...

...right up until the Dems give him the cars keys.

Then he blows off every expert, flips off the UN, and roars drunk and reckless into downtown Baghdad. Irresponsibly, stupidly, thoughtlessly with not near enough troops to secure the peace that he promised, and with no sign of the exit strategy he promised beyond some opium-addled PNAC fantasies about American Liberators, and cake-walks and being greeted with flowers and kisses.

And now, after Downing Street, it’s evident that he wasn’t just lying about 70 or 80 percent of the pre-war kabuki...but 100%. Bush had this war wired up and ready to go since the day Fat Tony Scalia anointed him President: he was just looking for a bag man.

So now that this is all public knowledge, all the GOP have is the charge that, “Democrats supported the war too.”

Think about that for a minute.

Think about what that statement means in the context of what we now all know?

That the Republicans final “rebuttal” comes down to this: If Dems were stupid and foolish enough to actually take George Bush at his word, and believe for one minute that he wasn’t a traitorous, lying sack of shit, that’s their own damned fault. If they were actually sucker enough to try to put Country ahead of Party, and believe that the Bush Crime Family wouldn’t knife them in the back the first chance they got, well ha ha fucking ha!

Joke’s on you!

Well on this one point, I will agree with the implication of what BoBo and the rest of the Bush War Apologists are saying, even though the don’t have to balls to come right our and move their inferences explicitly into the foreground. And I for one will never mistake a Republican for anything other than a lying traitor ever again, so thanks for the head’s up guys!

Read the whole thing here.

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