Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Women bloggers: Threat or Menace


Kevin at the Washington monthly did his usual quarterly "Where are the women bloggers" post a few days ago. There was quite a bit of criticism of him for raising the issue without doing anything about the "problem." Go to . to see him get some FMBs in the fundament. While I enjoyed watching that probably almost as much as the women posters did, I was left slightly unsatisfied by the resulting discussion.
Many of the comments were angry with Kevin for pretending not to know about the many good blogs penned by women, saying essentially that if he linked to women bloggers more often, their scores on this: would be higher. As a good liberal Kevin is required to take this abuse in good humor of course. I doubt he will do anything about it, as that might interfere with his next quarterly post wondering where the women are.
I am not a good liberal. I voted for John Kerry its true, but just because I am not an idiot that doesn't mean I have to play nice with anyone. The arguements that many women seem to be making is that if women aren't getting half of the top spots in the bloggosphere it is somehow the fault of men. The funny thing about it is they are complaining to a liberal. I suppose they know a conservative would never care what they had to say, but it still seems silly. The first blogger was a woman. The internet is an absolutely level playing field. If men have shut women out by not linking to them, women could do exactly the same to men. If you have a problem and it can be fixed either by changing your behaviour or getting someone else to change theirs which option do you think is more reasonable/likely to work? I might sympathize with women about Larry Summers but no way about this. Whatever the reason, the fact that women don't have the most popular blogs is their own damn fault.

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