Friday, February 25, 2005


Rush Limbaugh and hate.


There is an interesting conversation at obsidian wings

I was in the US Air Force at the end of the 80s. One of the shops I worked at in Germany (Ramstein) played Air America all the time. So I listened to Rush Limbaugh at least a couple of hours a day. I disagreed with what he was saying a lot, but he sounded fairly reasonable at the time.
When I got out of the Air Force I went back to College. A friend there was a big Rush fan and told me about the TV show. So I set up my VCR to tape it. (it was on in the middle of the night.) After watching perhaps 5 shows I realized what was bothering me. Rush Limbaugh's show was all about getting people angry. Really he was just mobilizing peoples rage and hate.
He's is really brilliant at what he does. Now he has many disciples.

Thats really about the best I can do to explain why. I'm sure there is some deeper reason, having to do with backlash and the diminishing of the middle classes, but I think Rush has accomplished a lot in terms of getting the people to align behind the Republican program.

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