Sunday, February 27, 2005


Daily Howler doesn't get it


I wasn't going to write you although I disagreed with your latest, but I saw a letter that I agreed with. I just want to add that the Gannon story seems a real life parable for our times. A real whore in the press room filled with fake whores. Kinda sad he was forced to leave. He raised the tone there.

I'm a big fan of the Daily Howler and was SHOCKED to to read Friday's piece on Gannon. Bob can't believe Boehlert is taken in by this non-story that liberal bloggers are typically latching on to. I'm wrote him:

I read the Howler everyday Monday to Friday and enjoy it. You nail the subject matter with enough anger and exasperation to make me feel I'm not alone out there. Thanks for that.
I was surprised and disappointed with your take on the Gannon story - a first for me where the Howler is concerned. It's not about a little nobody who asked Bush one dumb question that pissed off the liberal bloggers. It's about a little nobody set up in the White House press room these last two years, by nobody knows who, shilling under a pseudonym for what appears to be a well connected Texas GOP organization. GOPUSA/TalonNews is owned by Bobby Eberle, who appears to have Bruce Eberle and even Rove's fingerprints all over him. It's about a nobody who got himself involved in the Valerie Plame investigation. A nobody who takes and gets a good bit of credit for helping to sway the tight Daschle - Thune race, with the help of two bloggers secretly on Thune's payroll (one of them is now on his staff). This nobody appears to have been, until recently, a military style male prostitute who had some clients who were themselves military officers around DC. The possible blackmail angle on that alone is cause for concern.
The names I've seen associated with this story so far have been:
Bobby Eberle
Bruce Eberle
Karl Rove (Bobby thanked "his friend" on his now defunct Talon News website last Christmas)
Scott McLellan
Ari Fleischer
Joe Wilson
Valerie Plame
John Thune
Tom Daschle
I'm sure there are more that I'm forgetting.

As I said, I enjoy and follow your columns every day. They are a sharp knife that cuts through the crap. I'd ask you to reconsider why Boehlert would think this story is important, in a time when we no longer know what is actually the news anynore. Maybe we never really did. This story could use your help.

I agree 100%

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